New adventure

As if working on the BJP wasn't enough, I've signed up to do the Creative Sketchbook course offered by Linda and Laura Kemshall at Design Matters. I'm just waiting for my kit to arrive so I can get stuck in and start playing.

However, not being as patient as probably necessary I've already started doing some of the work. I've taken some pictures around the house and started playing with them in PhotoShop. It's amazing how much a photo changes when you take the colour out of it. In some cases the central object remains the central object. The difference is that you see the tone values more easily with black and white. In other cases, taking the colour out changes the focus of the picture. For example I had a picture with a bright red collander and a royal blue mat. When the colour came out of the picture, they both seemed to sink back into the picture so that other objects stood out more. It was actually kind of cool.

I've always enjoyed black and white for faces but I'd never considered it for inanimate objects and how it might change the impact of the picture. It's been a great exercise in how I look at objects. So even though I don't have my kit yet, I've already started looking at things and learning stuff. Gotta love that!!


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