Welcome to feather creations where I blog about different projects I've undertaken. They won't always be pretty but I'm hoping that they will be interesting and maybe thought provoking. Comments are always welcome. However, if you're moved to criticize, please make it constructive. I'm always open to learning new ideas and skills.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

New adventure

As if working on the BJP wasn't enough, I've signed up to do the Creative Sketchbook course offered by Linda and Laura Kemshall at Design Matters. I'm just waiting for my kit to arrive so I can get stuck in and start playing.

However, not being as patient as probably necessary I've already started doing some of the work. I've taken some pictures around the house and started playing with them in PhotoShop. It's amazing how much a photo changes when you take the colour out of it. In some cases the central object remains the central object. The difference is that you see the tone values more easily with black and white. In other cases, taking the colour out changes the focus of the picture. For example I had a picture with a bright red collander and a royal blue mat. When the colour came out of the picture, they both seemed to sink back into the picture so that other objects stood out more. It was actually kind of cool.

I've always enjoyed black and white for faces but I'd never considered it for inanimate objects and how it might change the impact of the picture. It's been a great exercise in how I look at objects. So even though I don't have my kit yet, I've already started looking at things and learning stuff. Gotta love that!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

January's bead project

So I sat down and created a picture of what I thought this month's project might look like. It originated from the fact that I was laid off a few months ago and am still looking for work. It was about possibilities - which direction do I go now?

Then I sat down with the different backing pieces and selected the piece I wanted. It was a very small circle/square piece in alternating black and white which to my mind is very chaotic and confusing. I was going to create the box from fabric and applique it onto the material but I found myself making a big black smudge in the centre with a black felt marker (a very odoriferous black felt marker!). Then I thought about where I wanted the path for each opportunity to go. Well, didn't that change as well! Instead of being straight lines to the opportunity, they meandered, disappeared and reappeared. Because I thought I might have to take some over the edge, I decided I would have to bead the edge first and then work on the front.

The end result is that I have beads front and back!

For me this piece is about possiblities rising out of dejection and confusion. I just have to rise above the dejection and confusion in order to see them.  The other thing I've realized is that I don't always know the path that will lead to my goals. I might think I know part of it but the rest of it is hidden from view.  It's only when I've completed part of my journey that I'll be able to see the rest of the path.

In some instances the original direction doesn't even point towards the final goal. It's a lot like life. I may think that what I want to achieve is accomplished by heading in a certain direction when really there's going to be a change somewhere down the road. There's also going to be opportunities to change the goal at a crossroads.

I wasn't surprised that the finished result didn't fully match the original idea - that usually happens to me. I was surprised at how quickly I completed it. Mind you, I was compelled to complete it in one sitting and stayed up late to do it!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

And so it begins ...

So I decided to just go with the 6" squares that the sampler pieces came in. And then I started putting together my bases. However, I soon realized that I'd already used part of two of the squares so into my stash for replacements.
I heat set the front to Timtex. The original plan being that I would bead the front, heat set material to the back to hide the stitching and then bead the edges.
Doesn't it just figure that Spirit and the beads decided they wanted the first piece done differently!! So I heat set the back of the first piece and then beaded the edges before starting on the front of the piece. Good thing I can hide the stitching in the material!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

BJP 2012

So here I go again. Prepping pieces for the montly journal project. I've decided to use black and white material for the base. I found a sampler package with 2 x 12 pieces of 6" squares. I haven't decided yet whether to go with the 6" square or to cut it back. However, I have decided to let the theme for the month dictate the colour of the beads. So a piece may be one colour or lots of colours. It might just be all black or all white. Maybe it'll be shades of gray. I have no idea but I think I'm willing to let Spirit direct the process this time. Whatever happens, I do believe I'm looking forward to seeing what might emerge.