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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

BJP 2012

So here I go again. Prepping pieces for the montly journal project. I've decided to use black and white material for the base. I found a sampler package with 2 x 12 pieces of 6" squares. I haven't decided yet whether to go with the 6" square or to cut it back. However, I have decided to let the theme for the month dictate the colour of the beads. So a piece may be one colour or lots of colours. It might just be all black or all white. Maybe it'll be shades of gray. I have no idea but I think I'm willing to let Spirit direct the process this time. Whatever happens, I do believe I'm looking forward to seeing what might emerge.

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Carol said...

Hi Feather
Haven't you found that when you let Spirit guide you, you are more happy with your work?

I'm really looking forward to your projects this year. I remember your beading from the 2009 project.

Bead what you feel. That's what I saw in 2009.