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March goes out like a lamb....

Apparently not in Calgary. We're expecting 20 cm of snow tonight. This after a gorgeous sunny morning where I was sitting on the back deck in a t-shirt. Oh well... this too shall pass!!

Having said that I've finished my December piece for the Bead Journal Project. December for me started the last weekend in November when, for some as yet undefined reason, the muscles from my knee to my groin on the inside of my right leg seized completely. Despite the efforts of two friends, both of whom have massage techniques, we couldn't get the muscles to let go. In fact, the chiropractor wasn't having much success either. I finally ended up having IMS - a needle technique that forces the muscles to let go - done after Christmas. So Christmas wasn't fun; I missed work for a month; and I didn't get much sleep. Neither muscle relaxants nor codeine seemed to help much with the pain.

So my December piece is absolutely a reflection of that month. The background is burgundy silk, t…

Busy life - little blogging

OK - so I'm not yet an avid "blogger". I'll get there eventually. I've finally managed to finish 3 months of Bead Journal Project pieces.

September was my answer to two challenges: the first being BJP and the second being freeSpirit Artisans October challenge which was colour. For the FSA piece we drew crayons from a bag and that was the colour we had to work with. Fortunately for me, the colour was blue which was my favourite colour as a kid. Anyway, as I mentioned before September for me is a time of Reflection which is the name of this piece.

'Reflection means a number of things to me: the time spent in reviewing where I am in my life and where I'd like to be and also what I see in the mirror at different times. So it's a good title.

October was focussed on going down to the Crowsnest Mountain area for a shamanic workshop. I really love this area of Alberta and the mountain itself calls to me. I figured since it figured so largely in October for me th…