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September BJP piece

I've been zipping around the BJP blog and also all the individual blogs. There's some very cool stuff happening on that site. I haven't started my project yet as it's only a week into the month and I'm not sure how it will go. I have been thinking about September - for me, it's always been the beginning of my year mostly because my birthday falls in this month. I just function better if I think along these lines. So it's about beginnings, birthdays [in my family, there's 6 of them this month) and anniversaries (my mom's death). So I guess it's mostly about beginnings - the beginning of the BJP, the beginning of my year and the beginning of a new adventure. It'll be interesting to see where I end up in August.
Oh, yeah, and the beginning of freeSpirit Artisans' year. I think I've managed a start on my "legend" piece. I don't think I've ever been a "legend in my own mind". I don't have delusions of gr…

I'm back in !!!

OK - it took me awhile but I've finally figured out how to get back in here. I had a few cookie problems with IE so I switched to Firefox and it's not a problem. I've had a busy summer. I was down in the Crowsnest for a few days and managed to play with different things: polymer clay, beadwork, design, and some touristy things. Next, I participated in the Calgary Weekend to End Breast Cancer. I was part of the bike crew - which means I probably did double the 60 kms the walkers did. Then in the beginning of August I was at Red Deer College doing a 5-day precious metal clay class that was a blast. Five days of doing nothing but creating - I loved it. Then today I was laying a cork floor in one bedroom. I have another bedroom to do but it needs painting first - well selecting the paint first. Now I'm gearing up for the Bead Journal Project and for the fall gathering of freeSpirit Artisans, a group of seven art quilters and me. We've designed our projects for the year…

Posting to an empty page

Well, I decided to take the plunge and open my own blog. I wanted to see how simple/complicated the process is. Apparently not that complicated so here goes.

I want to use this blog to showcase my design work, my beadwork and try to work through different ideas. Also, to post information for online classes that I may be taking so that others in the class can see what I'm doing.

How's that for a start?