Welcome to feather creations where I blog about different projects I've undertaken. They won't always be pretty but I'm hoping that they will be interesting and maybe thought provoking. Comments are always welcome. However, if you're moved to criticize, please make it constructive. I'm always open to learning new ideas and skills.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm back in !!!

OK - it took me awhile but I've finally figured out how to get back in here. I had a few cookie problems with IE so I switched to Firefox and it's not a problem. I've had a busy summer. I was down in the Crowsnest for a few days and managed to play with different things: polymer clay, beadwork, design, and some touristy things. Next, I participated in the Calgary Weekend to End Breast Cancer. I was part of the bike crew - which means I probably did double the 60 kms the walkers did. Then in the beginning of August I was at Red Deer College doing a 5-day precious metal clay class that was a blast. Five days of doing nothing but creating - I loved it. Then today I was laying a cork floor in one bedroom. I have another bedroom to do but it needs painting first - well selecting the paint first. Now I'm gearing up for the Bead Journal Project and for the fall gathering of freeSpirit Artisans, a group of seven art quilters and me. We've designed our projects for the year and I'm still trying to figure out what to do for the September one - A Legend in My Own Mind. I'm sure I'll think of something - I better.
Cheers for now.